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About my hero!

Like all women I like heroes! But who can be called a hero?

Fairy tales tell that heroes are cool brave men who conquer the world and are not afraid to fight with bad guys or even monsters. If to come out of this than Bruce Willis is a hero for sure. Remember how brave he was in a movie the Sin City (2005) by Robert Rodriguez. It is one of my favorite films.

He was an old and sick detective who rescued a little, 11-year-old girl, a victim of a very powerfull man. He is not afraid of anything, a real man, brutally punishes the criminal shooting off the rapist’s left ear, right hand, and genitals. He was shot himself, put to the hospital. A father of a rapist, both are sinful monsters, visits our hero in the hospital, telling John that he will be framed for rapingthe girl, and threatens to kill anyone who knows the truth. Bruce Willis` character was put to prison, allowed to convect himself as a child molester. During eight years he sits in the prison, everybody abandons him — except the girl he had rescued, who worships him and writes him a letter every week. But ont day she stopped writing him and he understood something bad had happened to her. He confesses in raping the girl in advance of beeing free and to find her. He finds her working in a strip club. The girl rushes into his arms and kisses him upon his arrival. Evert man in the bar wants her but she needs only her hero — even if he is old and sick!

The story doesn`t come to an end here. Our hero realizes that he has been tricked into revealing girl’s location. He hide a girl and himself in a cheap hotel but the maniaq finds and kidnaps both of them. He leaves our Bruce at the end of a noose to die.

But here he turns out to be a real hero! He is sick, he has heartattacks one by one, but he manages to rescue his beloved and to beat the monster to death. After sharing a kiss with a girl, who dreams to spend a life with a man aged like her grandfather, he makes her to leave him, understanding she will never be safe next to him, and commits suicide.

So he is a hero, isn`t he? A hero is a person who in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displaycourage and the will forself sacrifice—this definition I found in the Wikipedia. Maybe somebody will tell there are no heroes today! I will say there are. And their heroism doesn`t depend on beauty of their princess! They are heroes next to which each woman becomes a queen. I like them!

This text was firstly published on www.tuppy.com