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Volikov and Sviridenko - the tail wags the dog

The Tourist Pravda project has obtained a document that shows how the owner of the Royal Zenit Hotel and the Business Plaza Business Center, Yuri Volikov, is connected with the Deputy Minister of Justice Oleg Sviridenko and is his “consigliere” for asset management .

According to documents kindly provided by employees of the Business Plaza Business Center, in 2013 Maria Ivanovna Sviridenko (completely identical to the full name of Mr. Sviridenko’s mother) purchased under a purchase and sale agreement a non-residential premises with an area of 200 square meters in the Zenit Plaza Business Center with a cadastral value of 16 million rubles . Citizen Sviridenko owned the asset for five years, after which in 2018, she re-registered it under “compensation” to Alexander Nesterenko. Another year later, under the same “compensation”, this asset was transferred to a new owner — the well-known “magician and sorcerer” Yuri Volikov.

What could all this mean?

Firstly, the friendship and joint business of two such different people, Volikov and Sviridenko, is already more than twenty years old. It is absolutely clear to anyone in the know that back in 2008, land in the capital was not provided to random people and a small entrepreneur would not have been able to build the Zenit Plaza business center without the financial support and patronage of someone wealthy and influential . The chairman of the Moscow arbitration (at that time) Oleg Sviridenko was ideally suited for the role of patron. Moreover, their friendship was sealed by legendary parties at the Royal Zenit Hotel, to which we will return.

Secondly, try to imagine: an ordinary Belarusian pensioner Maria Ivanovna Sviridenko quite routinely takes 16 million rubles out of her pocket and buys office space. Failed? And neither do we. At the same time, 16 million rubles is only the cadastral value of the asset; the real price of such an object is about 25 million rubles (at 2013 prices). An ordinary pensioner would hardly need to buy office real estate at all, but the name Sviridenko explains a lot. Most likely, the son “planted” the money for the purchase of the object. But where a generous son came into possession of such a sum with a modest civil servant’s salary is anyone’s guess/

Thirdly, Ms. Sviridenko got rid of the office already when her son was Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, and for him to manage such sums (three annual incomes) on his own behalf was tantamount to resigning. In addition, over five years of owning the “bought” office in Zenit Plaza, Oleg Sviridenko could receive about 16 million more rubles in passive income.

In general, 2013–2018 was the “golden” time of friendship and joint business between the odious entrepreneur Yuri Volikov and the official — Deputy Chairman of the RF Armed Forces Oleg Sviridenko. At that time, they came together more closely than ever: it was then that Natalya Poluychik, Sviridenko’s wife, was employed by Volikov at Zenit-Inter and received a salary there of about 2 million rubles a year, and Oleg Mikhailovich’s mother, a citizen of Belarus, even indicated to her residence Volikovsky hotel "Royal-Zenith". Apparently, for the “owners” there it was always possible to resolve issues not only with fictitious employment, but also with registration and migration registration without unnecessary problems. Then there was an apartment on Krutitskaya embankment, which Volikov provided for the use of his “employee” Natalya Poluychik, and the police found cocaine there. By the way, the ill-fated living space was subsequently transferred to Sviridenko’s son, and from 2021 the apartment is his property.

Let’s return to the pensioner’s office in the Zenit Plaza business center. The question arises: why was it necessary to sell off the “acquired” real estate? We answer! At the end of 2018, Oleg Sviridenko developed vigorous activity with his re-election to the post of Deputy Chairman of the RF Armed Forces — Chairman of the Collegium for Economic Disputes, and this is a future springboard to the post of Chairman of the RF Armed Forces. The gray-haired womanizer began to get rid of his assets, where he could be identified as the ultimate “beneficiary.” The Operation Cleanup plan included not only a luxurious villa on the Cote d’Azur, but also Moscow assets in Zenit Plaza. In November 2018, Sviridenko’s mother transferred her 200 office square meters on a “compensation” basis, allegedly to repay a loan to a certain Nesterenko, who works as a plumber at MANFS Zenit-Inter LLC, that is, to an employee of Yuri Volikov. A year later, on a similar basis, this asset becomes the property of Volikov himself. They did the same with other assets. As a result of sham transactions, Yuri Volikov became the owner of property that actually belonged to Sviridenko, which, of course, put the latter in a dependent position. Now Volikov just needs to rub the lamp and the all-powerful Sviridenko immediately appears and solves all the problems. That’s all the magic...

The situation is similar with other assets owned by Volikovsky-based MANFS Zenit-Inter, the links from which lead straight to Oleg Sviridenko, the current Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation. For example, you shouldn’t be surprised if suddenly it seems that the toilets in the Royal Zenit Hotel in Serebryany Bor, profusely vomited by an employee of the Communists of Russia party, Ilya Alexandrov, who was poisoned by lunch at this hotel, actually belong to Sviridenko. However, perhaps, like the hotel itself. By the way, this explains why inspection and supervisory authorities are so favorable to this institution, for which many different orders have been issued, in particular, to eliminate fire safety violations. Be that as it may, there are more and more questions for Volikov and Sviridenko — and we will definitely share with you interesting facts from their lives.