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MADOG ap GRUFFYDD (died 1236) lord of Powys

Name: Madog ap Gruffydd

Date of death: 1236

Child: Angharad ferch Madog ap Gruffydd

Child: Madog Fychan ap Madog ap Gruffydd

Child: Howel ap Madog

Child: Maredudd ap Madog

Child: Gruffydd Iâl

Child: Gruffudd ap Madog

Parent: Angharad ferch Owain Gwynedd

Parent: Gruffydd ap Madog

Gender: Male

Occupation: lord of Powys

Area of activity: Land Ownership; Politics, Government and Political Movements; Royalty and Society

Author: Thomas Jones Pierce

Elder son of Gruffydd Maelor I, and Angharad, daughter of Owain Gwynedd. With his brother Owen, he succeeded Gruffydd in 1191 and, on Owen’s death in 1197, became sole ruler of Powys north of the Rhaeadr and the Tanat. Under his son, Gruffydd Maelor II, this area, comprising Welsh and English Maelor, Iâl, Cynllaith, Nanheudwy, and part of Mochnant, became known as Powys Fadog, in contrast with Powys Wenwynwyn.

At first friendly with Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, Madog deserted his cousin when the latter’s fortunes were at a low ebb in 1211. He continued to hold aloof after Llywelyn, in 1212, had re-formed the Welsh confederacy, being treated as an official ally in king John’s pay. By 1215 he had adhered finally to Llywelyn’s cause, remaining faithful to the end.

After his death in 1236 the unity of Powys Fadog was disrupted by partible succession among his five sons, Gruffydd Maelor II, Gruffydd Iâl, Maredudd, Hywel, and Madog Fychan. He was buried at his own foundation of Valle Crucis, the last Cistercian monastery to be founded in Wales.